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Yakima Aglow is pleased to have Chris Davis speaking at Yakima Christian Center, Saturday, October 14 at 10:00am.

When Chris speaks, everyone listens. She has a wealth of knowledge of the word of God, and brings it forth to facilitate the work of God in each one of us. Chris delights in speaking  the Word of God prophetically not only in a group setting but also to the individual. Come, be blessed, and go forth with increase!

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Fran Lance is speaking for Yakima Aglow Saturday, August 19, 10:00am, at the Yakima Christian Center. She is a great favorite of many, not just because of the gifts of the Holy Spirit which flow from her, but because of the love of God which is present when she ministers.

Come, we welcome you to be ministered to in mind, spirit, and body. We can’t wait to see each one of you! Blessings, and blessings, and blessings be poured into each of your lives!

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Yakima Aglow Updates plus Watchman on the Wall

Greetings everyone from Yakima Aglow! Yes, we are gearing up again! August 19, Fran Lance will be speaking at the Yakima Christian Center and Chris Davis has agreed to speak in October. Please check back for details for these events and others.

I would also like to share with you a fantastic seminar called Watchman on the Wall that only comes once a year, somewhere in the United States. It just so happens to be close by this year in Clackamas, Or. I encourage you to GO! I’ve never heard anyone regret it.

Here is what Jill Bixby, President of Eastern Central WA Aglow, from Yakima has to say: Aglow has a mandate to pray for Israel. This seminar is an excellent resource for leaders in Aglow to understand and accurately communicate about the Israel mandate. Don’t miss this opportunity to become educated and equipped about one of the issues at the forefront of Aglow today!