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Dr. Christian Overman: Hope for Today

Greetings All!

Can you believe it, only 12 days left before our last Yakima Aglow International meeting for the year of 2016! We have so enjoyed being with you and watching the Lord transform, heal, and edify. Our God is truly an awesome and good God!

Coming up is Dr. Christian Overman, a man with insight into how to think and live victoriously according to the Hebraic understanding of the Word of God. Noting how many people assume that we are doomed to a culture of darkness which appears to be swallowing us up, we need to understand it is actually quite the opposite!

Dr. Christian Overman will explore getting back to the Bible as the basis of our worldview, getting rid of the “Sacred-Secular Divide”, and understanding that all we put our hands to is “the work of the Lord”. Hey, we can change the world!!

Please join us November 19, at Grace of Christ Presbyterian Church, 10:00am. Feel free to bring friends and family! We look forward to seeing each one of you!